Greetings good citizens of Brick Owl,


Let me introduce myself,  I am Captain Q and very often Captain Q may refer to himself in 3rd person, but not always. :D

Captain Q has been selling Lego on Bricklink since the first quarter of the year 2014.  (I have also been an avid fan of Lego ever since having aquired my first Forestman and Space sets in the year 1988 when I was a wee laddy)  

Captain Q is now aspiring to begin creating Lego SM animation once again after taking a significant hiatus.

Here is some of my old work from 2010.  

(LINK)  "Lego Dragon Wars"


And here is some Test Footage for what I want to create in the future.  

(LINK) "H10: KQ Initial test Lego animation"


Thank you for taking a gander at The Captain Q Bazaar , it is apprecaited. :D

Captain Q


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